Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Bend is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Instead of spending time driving to and from the course, more time can be spent playing on a backyard putting green. Need more convincing? Check out the four reasons below why more homeowners are adding artificial grass putting greens to their Bend home.

putting greens artificial turf

Perks of a Backyard Putting Green

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just on the lookout for a sound investment, a backyard putting green would be a great addition to the home.

    • Improve your game


      It’s easy to customize any synthetic grass installation to Bend golfers’ preferences. Pattern it after a favorite course or a challenging one that is yet to be conquered. Add dips, hazards and rises to make the most challenging course imaginable. Or keep it simple and relaxed for the perfect unwinding activity after work or on the weekends.


      Working on your short game won’t be the same again after installing a backyard putting green. Spend time and effort refining shots instead of having to drive to the golf course and back. Play whenever you want for however long you want. That green is all yours!


    • Fun family time


      Not a family of golfers? Not all backyard putting green owners are. But just like it’s fun to go out bowling or biking with the family, so will playing golf in the backyard. It doesn’t have to be about technique and form and perfecting the game. Sometimes it just has to be about bonding with loved ones. Sharing laughs and creating memories.


      Think miniature golf when planning a fun, casual putting green for the family. It can be as colorful and silly as you want. Or if you’d like to start getting into golf, choose an easy course to pattern it after.


    • Easy to Maintain


      Though a natural grass lawn is the norm for traditional golf courses, not everyone can keep up with the necessary maintenance. It has to be maintained at a certain height which means constant trimming and mowing. It has to be watered and fertilized properly to ensure a thick and even putting green without any patchy areas.


      For personal artificial grass putting greens for Bend homeowners, upkeep is much simpler. Get rid of any debris with a quick brush of the turf. This also helps keep the pile upright and in the correct orientation. There’s no additional water and fertilizer costs because turf stays green regardless of the weather or season. Just give it a monthly hose down in addition to the brushing and you’ll maintain the perfect putting green all year round.


    • Increase home value


      Installing artificial grass in Bend, Oregon homes is a long-term investment.


      Artificial grass is very durable and long-wearing with an average lifespan of 15 years. After the initial installation cost, it continues to save on gardening and maintenance costs. With the accumulated savings, it has a return on investment in 5-8 years.


      More than this, an artificial grass lawn helps increase a home’s resale value. Curb appeal plays a huge part in bringing in potential buyers so having a presentable lawn is very important. What’s more, with an added feature like a backyard putting green, that’s sure to add value to any property.


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