Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend: Making Life Easy for Pet Owners

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Give your pets a safe, comfortable and beautiful outdoor space with artificial grass for dogs in Bend! It’s a win-win solution for pet owners who want to keep their pet happy without compromising on the beauty of their lawn. Pet-friendly turf also comes with all of the benefits that have inspired thousands of homeowners to make the switch!

Why Dogs and Pet Owners Love Artificial Grass

Caring for a natural lawn can be a headache for pet owners. Dogs can do some serious damage to real grass. Their urine kills grass and creates bald patches on the yard. They dig holes, displace paths and pull up weeds. Not to mention muddy paws every time it rains!

Natural grass can be hazardous to dogs too. They can ingest toxic weeds and plants. In addition, grass is a hot spot for flea and tick infestations. Grass burrs can cause injuries as well. If you use pesticides and weedicides on your lawn, your pet can fall sick from exposure.

Solve all of these issues in one sweep with artificial grass in Bend, Oregon! Check out the following pet-friendly benefits:

  • Soft and gentle on pet paws
  • Totally resistant to lawn burn from dog urine when your pup decides to go potty outside
  • Durable enough for even the most energetic dogs
  • Can withstand a lot of traffic from both humans and pets
  • Non-toxic and will never need chemical treatments like pesticides
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides excellent drainage
  • Can last for 15 years or longer
  • No need to bring your dirty dog inside after playing on wet synthetic turf
  • Anti-bacterial
  • It’s easy to clean up the mess on synthetic turf 
  • Pests like fleas and ticks cannot survive on turf


On top of this, it’s a breeze to clean artificial grass for pets, too! It cuts down on your lawn maintenance, especially now that you never have to water, mow, cut, fertilize or do seasonal lawn care ever again. Enjoy more time relaxing and playing with your dog in the backyard!

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Pet Turf for Commercial Installations

Even business owners are taking advantage of pet turf’s fantastic qualities. Bend Synthetic Grass has completed many artificial turf installations for pet shops, dog boarding, professional groomers, full-service vet facilities, pet friendly rentals, dog parks, and runs, as well as other facilities specializing in pet-friendly amenities such as muddy paws, dog wash, and potty training. Commercial advantages include:

  • No more muddy paws after a bath or in the house
  • Fewer need for a complete dog wash due to dirt and playing with other pups, and easier to brush,  wash, and dry cleaner coats
  • Cost-effective and a fantastic investment

 Pamper your furry clientele with artificial grass!

Bend Artificial Grass: Beautiful, Pet-Friendly Landscapes

Bend Artificial Grass installs pet-friendly synthetic turf in many areas in Oregon, particularly Bend and Redmond. We have over 10, 000+ successful installations in Bend, Sisters, Redmond, La Pine, Jefferson County, Deschutes, Crook County, Lane County and beyond. As your local turf experts, we’re ready to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. In addition, our knowledgeable professional staff will be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.

Let’s get started. For questions or to just grab a look at our past installations, call us today at 866-327-9887 for inquiries and get a free estimate when you decide it’s time to make the switch!

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Tired of growing and mowing your lawn? Maybe it’s high time you try artificial turf. Not only does this need less maintenance, but it’s also quite appealing and offers unparalleled underfoot comfort. We install high-quality artificial grass to properties in many areas in Oregon, particularly Bend and Redmond. If you are interested in installing artificial grass on your backyard or front garden today, then contact us by filling out the online form.

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