Why Is Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend Immune to Pee Spots? Straight Answers

How Artificial Grass for Dogs Prevents Yellow Yard Spots-bend

As the summer sun shines brightly in Bend, Oregon, you might be looking out at your backyard lawn, frowning at the unsightly yellow spots scattered across the green. If you are a dog owner, you know all too well that these are the remnants of your furry friend’s frequent pee breaks. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution that will not only keep your lawn lush all summer but also eliminate these unwanted marks: artificial grass for dogs in Bend. 

Why Does Dog Urine Turn Grass Yellow? 

Dog urine is rich in nitrogen and salts. While a small amount of nitrogen can act as a fertilizer, too much of it ‘burns’ the grass, causing yellow or brown spots to appear. 

Larger dogs or those on a high protein diet tend to produce urine with higher nitrogen content, hence the more prominent spotting.

How Does Artificial Grass Prevent Pee Spots?

Now, onto the solution – artificial grass. Synthetic turf has many benefits, but when it comes to preventing yellow spots from dog pee, it’s practically a miracle worker. Here’s how it helps:

1. No Nitrogen Burn

Artificial grass for dogs in Bend is made from synthetic materials, and thus, it’s not susceptible to nitrogen burn. The materials do not absorb nitrogen, so the grass remains its vibrant green color all summer long, regardless of your dog’s bathroom habits.

2. Easy Clean-Up

The cleanup process with artificial grass is simple. Most artificial grass systems come with a specially designed drainage system. With a quick spray of a hose, the urine is washed through the turf’s drainage layer, leaving no residue or odor behind. You can also use these cleaning solutions.

Don’t worry, the turf doesn’t get slippery when wet, so your pets can play on it after rinsing. 

3. Long-lasting and Durable

High-quality artificial grass is extremely durable. It’s designed to withstand all weather conditions, heavy foot (or paw) traffic, and the effects of dog pee. Even if you don’t hose off the urine immediately, it won’t turn the synthetic turf yellow or leave stains. 

What About Dog Poop?

Artificial grass is not just great for preventing yellow spots caused by dog pee, but it’s also a game-changer when it comes to cleaning up dog waste.

With a synthetic grass installation in Bend, it’s easier to spot and pick up solid waste. The uniform color and even surface make it far easier to locate and remove pet waste. No longer will you need to worry about stepping on an unseen accident while enjoying a casual stroll in your backyard.

Moreover, with natural grass, removing solid waste often leaves behind remnants or residue that can lead to an unpleasant smell , over time and can affect the health of your lawn. Artificial grass, on the other hand, makes clean-up more hygienic.

Once the solid waste is removed, any remaining residue can be easily cleaned up using a hose. The water washes away the residue, draining through the specially designed drainage system, without leaving any stains or odors. You can also sanitize and deodorize the turf afterward. 

Check out this guide for more cleanup tips for pet yards.

Keep Your Yard Lush and Green!

Ready to say goodbye to yellow spots from dog pee and hello to a vibrant, green lawn all summer long? Switch to artificial grass in Bend, Oregon.

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