What Pet Owners Need to Know about Caring for Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend

Artificial grass for dogs in Bend is a great option for both pet owners and their canine friends. For instance, you can finally enjoy your backyard without worrying about muddy paws and messy accidents that ruin your carpets or furniture! However, artificial grass does require some upkeep to keep it fresh and clean (but definitely not as much as natural grass!).

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How to Clean Dog Urine and Poop Off Artificial Grass

The first step in maintaining artificial grass in Bend Oregon is to clean up any pet poop and pee from the turf. Ideally, do this every time they go potty, especially if you use your yard for other purposes as well. In other words, pick up poop ASAP and rinse out urine as often as you can.

To clean urine off artificial grass, use a mixture of water and white vinegar. Use a garden sprayer or bucket to apply the mixture and scrub with a stiff brush. For poop, use a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Sprinkle and scrub.

Finally, you could also use an enzyme cleaner that will break down any urine or fecal matter left behind by your pet, especially for areas you don’t want them to use as a bathroom.

How to Clean Pet Hair and Fur Off Artificial Grass

Remove pet hair by vacuuming the surface of the lawn or by using a synthetic brush. It’s important to do this, because fur can clog the pores of the turf and make it difficult for water to drain through the backing.

How to Clean Dog Vomit Off Synthetic Turf

To begin, use paper towels to absorb as much of it as you can. Then, use a hose to spray off the area. You can also use liquid soap to get rid of smells and disinfect the area. Finally, rinse it off and let dry.

What cleaning materials can you use on synthetic grass?

Using the right cleaning materials on synthetic lawns, artificial grass putting greens and Bend pet turf can be tricky if you don’t know what they’re made of. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any product that has “oil” in it, such as oil soap or WD-40. These products will leave a residue behind and may cause your synthetic grass to deteriorate over time.

Instead, use water and mild detergents to clean pet urine or poop off artificial turf. But be careful – never pour an acid-based cleaner on synthetic grass because it can damage the fibers!

Want to Learn More About Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend?

The truth is, maintaining artificial grass for dogs isn’t all that hard. In fact, it’s the perfect solution for pet parents looking to save time and money on their yard care routine! It also has other awesome benefits, such as nipping bad pet habits in the bud.

If pet turf is something you may be interested in but you want more information before making a decision, get in touch with our team at Bend Artificial Grass. Call us at 541-204-0434 or send us a quick message using our online form.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have and walk you through our pet-friendly synthetic grass options and designs!