Tips for Practicing at Home with Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Bend

artificial grass at home

Artificial grass putting greens in Bend OR are the ultimate training aid. You can practice day or night, rain or shine, without having to travel to the golf course.

But having a backyard putting green is one thing. Maximizing it is another. Use the following tips to supercharge your practice sessions at home:

1. Keep a Scorecard for Every Session

Keep a putting scorecard to track your recovery shots, three-putts and worse putts per hole. This will help you identify the reasons behind your poor performance and make improvements in these aspects of your game. For example, if you find that you are three-putting from inside four feet, you know that you either need to improve your speed control or aim at a target point closer to the hole.

2. Warm up and Prepare Properly for Practice Sessions with Putting Greens

Taking time to prepare properly will help you build good practice habits and avoid injury. For example, take 5-10 minutes before each session to do some exercises specific to your game to strengthen your muscles and avoid injuries.

Raining outside? Don’t worry about slipping on wet grass and mud when warming up, because artificial grass in Bend Oregon is waterproof, quick-draining and mud-free.

3. Practice Your Weaknesses

Identify the parts of your game that you want to improve, whether it is speed control, putting precision or lining up your putts better. Once you’ve identified what needs work, use practice drills specific to those aspects of your game to improve them.

4. Keep it Fun

Once you start practicing regularly, keep yourself motivated by taking on a putting competition with your friends or family, using your practice sessions as an opportunity to have some fun. Artificial grass isn’t just perfect for a synthetic putting green; it’s also a beautiful and low-maintenance surface for BBQ parties, friendly putting green competitions, and more.

How to Make a Challenging Putting Green

Still in the planning phase for your new putting green? Consider adding these features to challenge your mastery of the game:

  • ● Bunkers

    Yes, you can definitely have bunkers added to artificial grass putting greens in Bend! In fact, they’re a must-have for serious golfers. Bunkers aren’t just there to catch errant shots. They force you to control the speed and line of your putts, adding an extra level of difficulty that helps you improve your skills and lower your scores.

  • ● Uneven Surfaces

    Every putting green needs a flat surface for standard putts, but if you want to develop serious touch with your short game, consider adding some uneven surfaces to simulate sloped terrain. We can create artificial mounds, uphill and downhill slants and even flatter surfaces to help you practice putting at a standstill.

  • ● Multiple Holes

    Mimicking an actual golf course is important for any practice green, but you can take it a step further by adding multiple holes if you have enough space. Placing different targets around the green will help you become comfortable with your putting in any situation – near or far, uphill or downhill, straight or contoured.

Talk to Our Putting Green Designers in Bend!

We’d love to help you bring your ideas to life! Bend Artificial Grass can execute any design that will maximize your practice time and improve your game, whether it’s for home or business use. Reach out to us today to schedule a meeting and we’ll help you get started on the path to a better game.

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