Synthetic Grass Installation in Bend vs. Natural Groundcover for Playscapes

Synthetic Grass vs. Natural Groundcover for Playscapes

Playscapes are a step up from playgrounds. They integrate nature and give children a more engaging experience. The only problem is that their groundcovers often hide dangers to kids. That’s why you can’t go wrong with covering your playscape with a synthetic grass installation in Bend.

Artificial grass looks natural, feels soft underfoot and is safe for kids to play on. It’s no wonder  these common playscape groundcovers can’t stack up to it:.

Natural Grass

Natural grass looks great, but it needs a lot of upkeep. You can’t wash or disinfect it, which means it’s not the safest or cleanest surface for kids to play on. It also produces pollen and attracts various insects, which can be dangerous for children with allergies or asthma.

Synthetic grass has none of these drawbacks. You can scrub and clean it whenever you want without affecting the color or texture of its artificial fibers. And because it’s not alive, it neither creates pollen nor attracts bugs that feed on plants or roots.

Bare Soil

Bare soil is another popular choice for playscapes, but it doesn’t offer much protection for kids. It’s dirty, often uneven and hard on bare feet—not to mention it can hide sharp rocks that can hurt your kids.

A synthetic grass installation in Bend is soft and comfortable to walk on. Turf installers ensure the ground is flat and even before they lay it down. You don’t have to worry about your little ones tripping from uneven terrain. On top of all that, artificial grass is dirt-free, which means it won’t get your kids dirty or muddy.


If you have kids who are just starting to learn how to walk, sand is a great choice for the playscape. It’s soft and won’t injure your little ones if they trip. The downside of sand is that it can get tracked into the house.

Artificial turf in Bend, Oregon offers the same benefits without the hassle. It can withstand foot traffic without breaking. So your kids won’t be tracking broken synthetic grass blades indoors after playing in your playscape.


Gravel is a popular playscape groundcover because it’s affordable and easy to install. But it can be hard to walk on. Moreover, it can be a safety hazard if it gets kicked up into the air and into the eyes or mouths of kids playing on it. Gravel also doesn’t drain well, so it often turns muddy when it rains.

Unlike gravel, synthetic grass stays where it should. Turf installers secure it to the ground, ensuring that it won’t tear at the seams or develop holes. It also drains moisture quickly, so you can be sure that your playscape will always be puddle-free.

Build the Perfect Play Space With Artificial Grass in Bend, Oregon

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