How Slip-Resistant is Your Poolside? The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Bend, Oregon

What Makes Poolside Areas Slippery - bend

The liveliness and beauty of Bend, Oregon, draw nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and, of course, swimming pool owners. While having your own pool promises a delightful escape from Bend’s dry summers, maintaining a slip-free poolside can be a constant challenge.

Let’s tackle the main points of a slick poolside and unveil artificial grass in Bend, Oregon as the ultimate solution for a safer, aesthetically pleasing, and slip-resistant pool deck.

What Makes Poolside Areas Slippery?

A slick poolside can turn an idyllic swim into a safety nightmare. But what exactly makes pool areas vulnerable to dangerous slip-and-falls?

  • Water Spills: The most obvious slip factor. As swimmers enter or exit the pool, water drips off them onto the surrounding area, making the surface slippery.
  • Pool Chemicals: Chemically treated water, when splashed out, leaves behind a residue that can create a slippery film on poolside surfaces.
  • Algae Growth: Warm, wet places such as pool decks are a breeding ground for algae, which causes surfaces to become incredibly slick.
  • Loose Tiles or Broken Pavement: Over time, poolside materials can loosen or crack, creating an unstable, slippery terrain.

Artificial Grass Features That Make It Slip-Resistant

Transforming any pool area into a safer, more refreshing oasis starts with the right groundwork.

Superior Drainage

Unlike natural grass or traditional hardscapes, artificial grass in Bend, Oregon features inbuilt drainage systems capable of quick and effective water elimination. It can drain hundreds of inches of water per hour. 

So, no matter how much your pool party guests splash around, the artificial turf promptly siphons off the water, securing a dry, slip-free surface. This unique feature not only makes it safer but also reinforces the low-maintenance advantage. 

No Algae and Moss Growth

The synthetic composition of artificial grass leaves no room for algae or moss that commonly breed on damp surfaces. The absence of algae and moss omits the slimy texture that often supports accidental slips and falls around the pool. 

Additionally, your poolside maintains a clean, green look all year round, escaping the unsightly streaks and patches created by such growth. This trait also alleviates the need for harsh chemical cleaners, which can clog up your pool’s filtration system and cause skin irritations.

Durability and Stability

Investing in artificial grass ensures top-notch quality and durability. The robust installation process, involving multiple layers of base materials, provides formidable resistance to shifting or settling over time. 

Unlike tiles, stone, or loose gravel, there is no risk of unevenness or loosened materials that can create tripping hazards. Moreover, the padded underlayment beneath artificial turf provides a comfortable cushion, reducing the risk of serious injury if a fall does occur. 

Grip-Friendly Surface

Artificial grass in Bend, Oregon is designed to prevent slips. Its synthetic blades, coupled with a filled layer of sand or environmentally friendly infill, create a grip-friendly surface underfoot. This provides ample friction against bare feet, helping prevent those unsteady moments we’ve all had around the pool. 

Walking or running, you and your poolside guests can move confidently, knowing the surface beneath is designed to minimize slips and falls.

Prevent Poolside Slips With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for pools addresses multiple concerns relating to poolside safety, thus ensuring your outdoor joy remains undiminished by possible mishaps. Moreover, it elevates the aesthetic appeal of your pool area, creating an inviting outdoor oasis in your Bend home. A win-win situation, indeed!

Reach out to Bend Artificial Grass, and let’s revamp your poolside space while guaranteeing its slip-resistant quality. Swap risky, slippery surfaces, for a safe, stunning artificial grass transformation today. Your peace of mind, your loved ones’ safety, and your aesthetic ambitions are just one call away!

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