How Pet Boarding Facilities Can Benefit from Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend

People often wonder if synthetic turf is suitable for pets and the answer is— it’s perfect for them! In fact, artificial grass for dogs in Bend is not just popular with pet owners, but as surfacing for dog boarding facilities as well.

Trying to keep the lawn looking green and lush can be a massive struggle. Double that for dog daycare owners who have to contend with large quantities of staining, animal mess and damage from digging and rough play. However, it’s also critical for dogs and puppies to have a comfortable and safe place to play and explore and synthetic turf offers the best solution.

artificial grass for pet boarding facility

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dog Boarding Facilities

Synthetic grass installation in Bend has all the qualities that pet care businesses need for their outdoor space:

1. It feels as good as real grass

Turf manufacturing technology is now so advanced that most people can’t even tell it’s synthetic without taking a close look! If humans can’t tell the difference, dogs can’t either. They’ll enjoy the yard just as much as real grass, but without all the downsides of a natural lawn. 

2. It’s safe and non-toxic

Pet owners trust dog boarding facilities to keep their dogs safe. That includes protecting them from health hazards in the yard.

Unfortunately, dogs and puppies can encounter so many dangers just playing on the grass. For instance, they can get exposed to toxic pesticides, weedicides and other lawn care chemicals. Next, pests like fleas and ticks can infest them. Furthermore, dogs can injure themselves on grass burrs that get tangled in their coat and skin. Their curiosity can also lead to ingesting toxic weeds, plants and mulch.

Artificial grass wipes out all of these concerns in one go. It’s pest-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and incredibly soft on the paws. 

3. It’s extremely durable

Dogs and puppies love to dig! But that means bad news for a natural lawn. Not only does digging kill grass and create dead patches, but it also produces holes that are trip hazards.

On artificial turf in Bend Oregon, dogs can try and dig as much as they want without ripping out the fibers and backing. They can run, roll around, jump and chase each other all day long. No matter how rambunctious playtime gets, you don’t have to worry about damage due to bad dog habits. 

4. It’s a breeze to clean

It’s hard enough to keep a yard clean with one dog. Cleaning up after several at a time is a never-ending struggle. This is one of the biggest reasons why many pet facilities have switched to turf.

All it takes is a quick rinse to rid potty areas of liquid waste and odors. There’s no mud or grass stains to content with. Thanks to the porous backing, the lawn drains fast to leave a dry and sanitary surface. Add the fact that turf never needs watering, mowing, seeding, fertilizing and most other maintenance tasks and it’s clear why it’s a terrific material for pet businesses.

The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend

Being a great choice for pet facilities is only one reason why artificial grass has become a preferred landscaping material for many. It’s also fantastic for commercial applications, play grounds, athletic fields, synthetic putting green installation and so much more. Need help with your project? Call Bend Artificial Grass at 541-204-0434 and receive a FREE quote.