How Does Artificial Grass for Dogs in Bend Keep Dogs Safe From Grass Awns?

How Do Grass Awns Harm Dogs

You love your dogs. You love spending time with them and watching them have fun. And one of the best ways to do that is in a yard with natural grass. But here’s the thing: natural grass isn’t always safe for dogs. It can hide grass awns that can injure unsuspecting pups. Fortunately, with artificial grass for dogs in Bend, you can give your pooches the best of both worlds: a grass lawn that’s free of harmful awns.

What Are Grass Awns?

Grass awns are tiny bristles that stick out of the end of grasses like wheat and rye. They’re sharp, so they can cause a lot of pain if they stick to skin or fur.

How Do Grass Awns Harm Dogs?

Grass awns are often hidden under long grasses, so it’s easy for your dog to step on one without noticing it. When your dogs brush up against the grass, the awn can pierce their skin and break off inside of them.

These sharp burrs can be very painful to dogs. Grass awns can be deadly if your dog inhales them or ingests them. Their small barbs make them almost impossible to swallow, so they usually get stuck in the throat or stomach.

Moreover, grass awns can cause damage to internal organs. Their spikes can stick to various organs as the dog tries to digest them. Plus, they can even puncture holes in the intestines and cause serious internal bleeding.

How Does Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon Keep Dogs Safe From Grass Awn Injuries?

Here are the different ways artificial turf can eliminate grass awns from your yard:

It Doesn’t Have Grass Awns

Artificial grass isn’t alive, so it doesn’t grow grass awns like real grass. It’s made from synthetic materials like nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene fibers. In short, you’ll never have to worry about your dogs coming home with grass awns when they play on your green synthetic lawn.

It Keeps Wild Grass From Taking Over Your Yard

The fibers of artificial grass for dogs in Bend are dense and tightly woven together. This doesn’t just give them their distinctive texture. It also prevents weeds and other unwanted plants from growing through the pet turf. That means you can be sure that there won’t be any wild grass spreading and growing grass awns in your yard.

It Makes It Easy to Remove Grass Seeds

Birds, insects and other critters can carry grass seeds to your yard. These seeds aren’t always easy to spot, and you’ll most likely only notice them once they’ve sprouted.

If you have a fake grass lawn, you can hose it down frequently to get rid of grass seeds and pollen. You don’t have to worry about drowning your turf, creating puddles or turning your yard into a muddy mess. After all, a synthetic turf installation always drains water and dries quickly.

Don’t Let Grass Awns Put a Damper on Outdoor Pet Playtimes With a Synthetic Grass Installation in Bend

The choice is yours. But why continue putting your dogs at risk of grass awn injuries when you can keep them safe with easy-to-maintain, pet-friendly synthetic grass?

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