How Does a Rainy Day Affect a Patio Synthetic Grass Installation in Bend?

The Shocking Truth About Rainy Days and Patio Synthetic Grass - bend

Weather patterns in Bend are typically cool and wet, making it essential for homeowners to ensure their patios resist such conditions. If you’re thinking of getting a synthetic grass installation in Bend to give your outdoor space a makeover,  we’re shedding light on how it handles rainy days.

How Does Rain Affect Natural Grass Around Patios?

Natural grass may appear to be an appealing option for patio landscaping.  The effects of rain on it can severely diminish its appeal.

Mud and Mess

Rain converts a natural grass patio into a mud bath, leading to a messy aftermath. Kids and pets playing or running around the patio can track the mud into your home, creating a cleaning headache.

Poor Drainage

Location and soil type can affect drainage. Poor drainage can lead to waterlogged lawns, which suffocate the roots and ultimately cause the grass to die.

Inconsistent Appearance

With rain comes the excessive growth of some patches, with others dying off due to waterlogging or lack of sunlight, creating an inconsistent and unappealing look.

How Does Artificial Grass Handle Rain?

One of  artificial turf’s finest features is its robust and efficient drainage system. Unlike natural grass, which tends to retain water, leading to waterlogging or flooding. A synthetic grass installation in Bend allows water to flow across its surface and then drain out.

Below the synthetic turf surface, there’s a multi-layered design consisting of geotextile fabric, a layer of crushed stone or other porous material, and perforated drain pipes. This structure allows for excellent drainage.

Once rainfall hits the surface of the synthetic grass, it falls between the blades and onto the sub-base fabric, which is itself perforated. Here, the rainwater is then quickly directed into the crushed stone layer, filtering further downwards towards the drain pipes.

The design of these drains enables them to channel away water from your patio, efficiently managing even the heaviest downpours Bend might experience.

Does Artificial Grass Get Slippery When Wet?

A synthetic grass installation in Bend retains its traction when wet, preventing slips and falls during or after a rainstorm. The materials used in the construction of quality synthetic grass are designed to reduce slippage, making them a secure option for patios accessed frequently during a rainy day.

Can Rain Damage Artificial Grass Around Patios?

Rain poses no threat to your artificial grass. Being created specifically for outdoor use, artificial grass is designed to hold up to various weather conditions, including rain.

The UV-stabilized fibers used in production resist fading, while the turf’s anti-microbial properties prevent any mold or mildew, which can often plague grasses in wet conditions.

Improve Your Patio’s Rain Resistance

Synthetic grass for your patio in Bend is a practical, beautiful choice ready to handle the city’s rainy weather. It offers you a year-round green and usable patio space, no matter how often it rains.

Want to use synthetic turf for your patio landscaping? Our experts here at Bend Artificial Grass are ready to navigate every step with you. We have premium artificial turf on hand  ready to install and the expertise to help you customize and install it.

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