How Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Bend Can Help You Become a Better Golfer

Avid golfers are familiar with the phrase, “Drive for show, putt for dough.” It just means long drives may be impressive, but winning ultimately depends on how good your putting skills are. Now, how much time do you usually spend on putting practice? Probably not enough, especially when you’re just paying for a tee time at your local course.

With artificial grass putting greens in Bend, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to continue working on putting and chipping.

backyard putting greens

Develop Your Putting Skills with Backyard Putting Greens

Some people assume that a backyard putting green can’t compete with an actual golf course when it comes to game mechanics. Probably not in size, but it delivers on every aspect that counts.

Artificial grass putting greens in Bend simulates the look, feel and performance of real bent grass greens. They’re designed specifically for putting and chipping. Best of all, you own it. Practice 24/7, rain or shine, as often as you want!

Here’s a closer look at why so many golfers are turning to backyard putting greens to boost their skills:

• You can customize a putting green to fit your practice needs.

You can customize your putting green system with breaks and undulations, different green speeds, as well as various cuts of fringe and rough to fit your practice needs. Your installer can also add other features like sand traps and tee boxes.

• You can practice different swings on a backyard putting green.

Artificial turf in Bend, Oregon combines robust materials to create durable putting green systems. The blades are swing-resistant. This means they won’t get damaged or torn whenever you practice your shots.

Moreover, the synthetic grass has a rigid backing mesh that securely holds the blades intact. Unlike real turf, artificial ones won’t lose their tensile strength. In addition, they will retain their perfect shape and structure for years.

No need to hold back while practicing your drives, putting and chipping— synthetic turf can handle all of those and more.

• You can develop muscle memory faster with backyard putting greens.

Muscle memory is critical for golfers. You can develop it faster in a private green for the simple reason that you can practice any time, as often as you want.

Because you’re able to practice putting over and over, it will eventually become second nature. No need to overthink your shots. You can become game ready quicker than someone who can only sneak in the occasional tee time when their schedule allows.

Finally, you can practice in peace once the synthetic grass installation for your Bend putting green is done. You’ll never have to wait for your turn again, or navigate around other players.

Be a Better Golfers with a Backyard Putting Green

Enjoy the pleasure of a safe and easy-to-maintain putting green with the best artificial grass Bend has to offer! Call Bend Artificial Grass a call at 541-204-0434 today. Let’s talk about your vision for your dream green!