How Artificial Grass in Bend, Oregon Protects Kids and Dogs

Having a grass lawn is a symbol of suburban living. However, the truth is that having real, natural grass around your home isn’t always the safest thing for your pets or kids.

Kids, Pets, and Safer Spaces with Artificial Grass in Bend Oregon

Artificial grass in Bend, Oregon, on the other hand, can offer many of the same benefits as natural grass while eliminating many of the potential hazards. 

Here’s how:

1. Artificial Turf Won’t Poison Your Pet

Dogs are notorious for eating grass, but it’s not good for them. As your dog chews on the blades of grass in your yard, they’ll also be consuming any pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers that have been used to treat the lawn.

While these products may be effective at growing or preserving your lawn, they can also lead to gastrointestinal problems (or worse) when ingested. So if you want to avoid the poisoning risk, consider artificial grass for your backyard.

The best synthetic turf is non-toxic, pet safe and engineered for optimal drainage, so it won’t retain water or get soggy. Artificial grass is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and mildew.

As a bonus, not using pesticides and chemicals on your artificial lawn makes it eco-friendly, too!

2. Synthetic Grass Offers a Safer Play Area for Kids

Real grass looks nice, but the surface itself can pose several safety hazards.

A natural lawn contains bacteria, fungus and other critters that could cause skin irritation or even an infection if your child comes in contact with them. You also may not know what chemical residue still lingers on the lawn, such as pesticides or fertilizers, until it’s too late. 

Artificial grass in Bend, Oregon offers a safe, sanitary and clean surface so your kids can play without worry.

3. Artificial Turf Keeps Mud or Puddles at Bay

During the rainy season, you’ll quickly notice that your yard becomes a mud pit. It’s full of soil, so what else can you expect?

Every time it gets the slightest bit wet, your lawn becomes covered in mud, puddles and other hazards that can cause slipping and get tracked into your home.

When you have artificial grass, the surface stays clean and dry to reduce your risk of injuries from slips or falls during a rainstorm. Look for a specialty product, such as a slip-resistant turf, to combat the issue even further.

4. Bend Artificial Grass Keeps Your Home Safe from Pests

A natural lawn offers the perfect habitat for many types of creepy crawlers, such as ants and termites. They have everything they need to set up shop, including food, water and shelter.

If you have grass that’s near your home or landscaped beds, then these pests will be drawn to your yard. They won’t stop eating, breeding and multiplying until there’s a full-blown infestation.

Meanwhile, their activity will damage the lawn and, over time, could cause it to die. They can also harm your home, causing problems like wood rot on decks, siding and other parts of the exterior.

Worst of all, most pests are dangerous to people and pets. For example, ticks carry Lyme disease and certain types of ants leave a venomous sting behind.

Artificial grass acts as a barrier, cutting off pests from the food, water and shelter they need to thrive. As a result, most of them will starve and die, while the rest will leave your yard for good.

5. Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon is Easy to Maintain

While many people think of natural grass as more beautiful or even healthier, nothing compares to the stress of taking care of it.

Real grass requires watering, mowing, fertilizing and applying pesticides every week or two. Without proper treatment, the surface will die off, leaving the dirt bare to be trampled or eroded by the elements.

Artificial grass is much easier to maintain, requiring only a quick sweep away of debris from time to time. Spend your newfound free time enjoying your safe and attractive outdoor space with your loved ones.

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