Gorgeous Tiered Garden Design Ideas Using Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon

Artificial turf in Bend, Oregon is starting to overtake live grass as the ideal landscaping material. Unlike grass, you don’t have to wait for it to grow, monitor soil conditions and make sure it’s always watered, mowed and fertilized.

It’s much more versatile than real grass, too. Installers can resize and reshape it according to the project area. It can be applied on almost any surface. Because of these qualities, synthetic grass is fantastic for unique landscape features like tiered gardens.

tiered garden artificial turf

What is Tiered Garden?

A tiered garden is made up of one or more retaining walls, which are structures designed to accommodate the lateral pressure of soil, that form two or more level areas. It’s the perfect landscaping solution for steep yards.

Tiered gardens can make an unusable area of your yard functional. Depending on their structure. They may also enhance drainage, reduce erosion and create more spaces for gardening.

Most people plant flowers, shrubs and even vegetables on the platforms. Some grow grass, which not only gives the retaining walls a stunning minimalist look but also fortifies the area for foot traffic. Unfortunately, the unique conditions of each level can make it difficult for the average gardener to grow vegetation.

Stunning Tiered Garden Design Ideas Using Artificial Grass

Artificial turf in Bend, Oregon offers a hassle-free way to integrate lush turf into tiered landscapes. Expert installers can help you apply these amazing tiered garden ideas:

Cover every other level with artificial grass.

Install synthetic turf on the first and third levels, then grow plants on the second and fourth levels or vice versa. The alternate arrangement will make your setup more visually interesting.

Note that lower levels tend to retain moisture longer than higher levels. So plant water-loving vegetation in those areas. Reserve the top tiers for drought-tolerant plants. With the help of your installer, choose artificial grass that compliments your plants to ensure the cohesiveness of your landscape.

Use different artificial grass variants.

If you want to incorporate only grass for greenery into your tiered landscape, consider various types of synthetic turf. Make the variety the focal point of your synthetic grass installation in Bend.

For instance, you can emulate a gradient aesthetic by installing light-colored turf on top and darker shades on the bottom. For a striped design, alternate dark and light shades per level. Aside from color, you can also create textural contrast by using different pile heights.

Incorporate curved edging into your top or bottom level.

Because of the retaining wall’s structure, edging in tiered gardens are usually straight. This can make them look rigid, especially without plants. With the help of an expert installer, you can soften your synthetic turf installation with curved borders.

Mix pavers and artificial grass.

Complement your setup with eye-catching patterns that use stones, bricks, tiles and other hardscapes. These materials will provide a tasteful contrast to the softness of artificial grass in Bend, Oregon.

With the help of professional installers, you can even integrate artificial grass into your motif. For instance, if you’re opting for a checkerboard pattern, you can replace some of the paving stones with synthetic turf. Draw inspiration from these awesome bold paver designs.

Bold Designs Begin with Artificial Turf

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