Does a Synthetic Grass Installation in Bend Get Slippery When Wet?

Why a Synthetic Grass Installation in Bend Stays Slip Resistant When Wet

No, it doesn’t! And that’s actually one of the most attractive qualities of a synthetic grass installation in Bend.

Artificial grass fibers use polyethylene, so they are water-resistant and do not become slippery when wet. They also dry quickly. This means you won’t have to worry about any puddles forming on your lawn.

Why is Wet Grass So Slippery?

Natural grass is slippery due to the microscopic gaps on the surface of its blades. Water fills up these gaps, providing a slick surface that’s hard to maneuver on.

This is why lawns can become slippery very fast, especially when it has been raining all day or the sprinklers are on. The fact that grass seldom drains water well adds to the problem because puddles can form on its surface.

Weathering and extensive use can also make natural turf slippery. For example, foot traffic around the same area can compact and flatten the soil, causing it to become smoother over time.

3 Features That Make Artificial Grass Slip Resistant

Fiber Texture

The fiber texture of a synthetic grass installation in Bend is slip-resistant. To achieve this texture, most fibers have a slight directional bend.

This bend helps people securely plant their feet on the synthetic turf, while permitting them to easily move around or change direction. The backing system locks the fibers in place, so they stay bouncy despite foot traffic.

Synthetic fibers often have a rough finish to increase traction even more. They’re also not subject to weathering or abrasion like natural grass blades, so they will last for years without losing their grip.


One of the most important features for safety is that artificial grass is porous, so it allows water to drain through easily. As a result, puddles and standing water won’t form on artificial turf, making it impossible for people to slip.

Water will flow through the top layer of artificial turf down to the drainage layer underneath, then out into the ground via a network of holes.

This means that even after a heavy rainstorm, the water will drain from your artificial turf in Bend, Oregon quickly, which can help prevent slipping accidents.

Anti-Skid Backing

High-quality artificial grass products come with an anti-skid backing that keeps the turf from moving around once laid down. This prevents the turf from shifting and wobbling underfoot, which can make people trip or slip over on the surface.

Anti-skid backing also helps to keep the turf secure for longer periods of time so that it does not need as much maintenance overall.

Eliminate the Risk of Slips and Falls in Your Yard With Artificial Grass

With synthetic grass, nothing will hold you back from having fun on your lawn when it’s wet.

You’ll never have to cut outdoor play times with your kids or pets short when it rains because there’s no danger of them slipping on the artificial grass for dogs in Bend. It also comes with other features that help keep them safe.

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