Can Divots Form in Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Bend?

How Does Synthetic Turf Stay Divot-Free

Divots take the fun out of playing on your putting green. After all, it can be hard to enjoy yourself when you’re afraid of damaging the grass. Don’t want to worry about making divots when you play or practice? The easiest way to do that is to invest in artificial grass putting greens in Bend because divots can’t form on it.

The Problem With Divots

Divots are dips that form on the ground when the golf club hits it or the ball bounces on it. The damage depends on the impact. The more force the impact has, the deeper the divot will be.

These small craters make it difficult to hit consistent shots. The ball will either stop or slow down when it reaches the dip. This can make it hard to determine how much force to use behind putts and aim at specific targets.

You might even find yourself figuring out ways to go around divots while you play or practice, which takes the fun out of tee times.The longer a divot is left alone, the more the turf on it will struggle to grow back.

How Does Synthetic Turf Stay Divot-Free?

Artificial grass putting greens in Bend has features that help keep divots from forming on its surface.

Impact-Resistant Fibers

The high-quality polyethylene fibers that weave tightly together are what make artificial grass impact-resistant. These fibers are very durable and they can withstand the impact of high-velocity overhead shots.

The artificial grass blades will bend from the pressure but spring back again once it’s gone. Only the places that often get hit will flatten, but don’t worry—you can easily fix that by brushing them up.

Superior Durability

Natural putting greens are susceptible to damage from foot traffic. The grass can flatten or break under pressure, exposing bare soil where divots are more likely to form.That’s not a problem with artificial turf because it’s durable enough to withstand any kind of abuse you throw at it.

Non-Absorbent Turf

When it rains, natural putting greens can be more prone to ball mark damage. That’s because grass tends to soak up moisture like a sponge, turning soggy and soft. When you hit the ball on a wet putting green, the impact damage leaves marks on it.

But artificial grass in Bend, Oregon is water resistant. It won’t soak up the water and turn soft when it rains. You can even play on it right after it rains and it’ll still hold its shape well!

Efficient Drainage

Most natural putting greens suffer from soil compaction. Foot traffic and other activities compress the dirt, making it hard for water to drain through it. That results in the ground turning muddy and forming puddles, which makes the green more likely to form long-lasting divots.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that if you have an artificial putting green because it has a great drainage system. Water slips through its surface and into its porous backing immediately.

Never Deal With Divot Damage Again With Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon

Here at Bend Artificial Grass, we offer premium artificial grass for golf. We guarantee that it plays just like a pro-level course and can last for years without needing replacement.

Our team can help you design and set up your backyard putting green. Just tell us how you want your course to look and perform, and we’ll make it happen in no time.

Give us a call at 888-368-9596 or send us a message online to get a quote on your installation. Start enjoying the game of golf like never before!