Bold Paver Design Ideas for Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon

Artificial turf in Bend, Oregon is popular for its lifelike beauty and low-maintenance quality. However, its consistent height and evergreen color are worth more than just aesthetics.

For instance, paving is easier to preserve with synthetic turf. You don’t have to mow your lawn regularly just to maintain the pattern of the stones. Artificial grass is also weed-proof, protecting your hardscape from invasive weeds that can damage its structure.

If you’re planning an upcoming redesign for your artificial turf lawn, talk to your installer about adding paving. In the meantime, get inspiration from these paving design ideas that use artificial grass!

paver design for artificial grass

4 Landscape Paving Styles That Works for Any Yard including Artificial turf

A lawn covered with lush artificial grass is impressive enough on its own. But add pavers in beautiful patterns, and it becomes a head-turning display. Achieve that effect with turf installation and the following paving patterns:

Stunning Stepping Stones for Artificial turf

The simplest and most functional of all designs, the stepping stone consists of rectangular or circular pavers with strips of grass between them. They can be laid down in a straight or curved path, depending on where you want to direct the foot traffic.

This design is perfect for decorating artificial grass putting greens in Bend or public spaces like church grounds. Using wider stones allows more people to walk on them at the same time. It also protects the synthetic turf from being stepped on.

Circular Chic

The circular pattern serves as a supporting accent for garden focal points like flowerbeds, seating areas, and fountains. It also acts as a transition feature separating the turf from the centerpieces.

For expansive lawns such as those in outdoor event venues, it can be used as an intersection for walkways that lead to different buildings.

Cobblestone is the easiest material to form into a circular pattern. Its rough texture and yellowish tint also pair well with the vibrant green of short synthetic grass.

Symmetrical Checkerboard

This pattern comprises alternating square paving stones and turf laid out uniformly. Lighter colored materials like concrete and flagstone work best since they add contrast to the artificial turf in Bend, Oregon.

For checkerboard paving, the bigger the tile, the better. The bright stones create an illusion of size and make your yard look more spacious than it is.

The design is also frequently used as a creative walkway. It breaks the monotony of large lawns in a fun, unexpected way!

Elegant Lattice

This consists of diamond-cut turf surrounded by crisscrossing lines of stone material, or vice versa. It is a highly customizable pattern, so it all depends on your taste.

If you choose to have a more stone surface than grass, then the resulting pattern is perfect as a pathway. Meanwhile, having more turf creates a design ideal as a pool surround.

Customize Your Synthetic Lawn with Perfect Paving

Pavers add a unique dimension to the appearance of artificial grass lawns. No matter what you have in mind for your synthetic grass installation in Bend, our talented landscapers can help you bring your ideas to life. Call Bend Artificial Grass today at 541-204-0434 for a consultation and a free quote!