Artificial Turf in Bend Oregon: 4 Ways to Use It for Functional Design

Artificial turf in Bend Oregon is perfect for softening up all that hardscape you have – or planning to add – on your lawn. Furthermore, synthetic turf has none of the weaknesses of real grass. For instance, you don’t need to run your mower down those tiny strips of grass along pathways and walkways. You won’t need to worry about giving it enough water or sunshine either.

In fact, all you need to think about is design. Artificial turf is perfect for executing functional landscape designs in tandem with different types of hardscape.

synthetic grass lawn for yard

4 Designs Ideas for Hardscape + Artificial Grass

When it comes to functional landscaping, creating contrast is important. And finding a balance between hardscaping and the greenery can be tricky. Not sure where to start? Try these ideas on for size!

  • 1. Create an Elegant Stone Walkway

    First, you can incorporate a stone walkway throughout your synthetic lawn. This connects the different parts of your yard and makes it easy for people to get from one place to the other. Furthermore, it also defines the yard’s edges better by providing contrast to the lush green synthetic turf.

  • 2. Plant Boxes

    Another way to define your yard’s boundaries is to outline it with planter boxes. Moreover, this is also a great way to add pops of color to a realistic synthetic grass installation in Bend. You can mix and match planter materials and styles to blend with your home’s architecture.

    At the same time, synthetic helps protect your plants from pests. Because it’s synthetic, pests and insects can’t find food or breeding grounds on its surface.

  • 3. Water Feature

    Placing a water feature such as a pond or fountain isn’t just for aesthetics. For instance, it can help regulate your yard’s temperature. Visually, water and artificial grass are a beautiful way to bring nature into your outdoor living areas.

    Now, artificial grass in Bend Oregon is simply the best material for use around water features. For example, it drains water quickly and won’t get muddy when wet. It also creates a non-slip surface around your water features.

  • 4. Patio

    Finally, a patio is one of the best features you can add to your yard. It’s also available in many materials and styles, such as stone, wood, concrete, etc.

    In addition, there are many ways to blend it with your synthetic lawn. For instance, you can install a standalone patio and surround it with synthetic turf. Prefer a patio connected to your house? You can use artificial grass as flooring, outline it with turf or use pavers and combine it with synthetic grass.

Say Hello to a Better Yard with Artificial Turf in Bend Oregon!

Having a synthetic lawn not only adds beauty to your home but also value. But here’s the thing— to maximize the benefits of synthetic turf, you need to work with professionals such as Bend Artificial Grass. Not only do we carry the best turf products in the market, but we’re also one of the most trusted names for artificial turf. Feel free to call us at 408-317-0931 or send us a message here to get a free quote or send an inquiry!