Artificial Grass in Bend, Oregon: The Perfect Surface for Every Celebration

Businesses and establishments across Oregon and the rest of the US are opening back up, but the recent stay-in-place measures had an unintended effect— after rediscovering the charm of their own homes, many people are now choosing it as the venue for life’s special moments. Specifically, their backyards.

Aside from being more intimate and affordable than traditional venues, it’s incredibly versatile especially when covered with artificial grass in Bend, Oregon.

As a result, artificial grass is trending among those who want a beautiful, low-maintenance space for birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, engagements and even weddings. It looks fantastic, feels even better and adds a special touch to any occasion at home. Let’s take a closer look!

Artificial Grass for Backyard

Bend, Oregon Artificial Grass for Backyard Celebrations

  • 1. Artificial Grass Keeps Your Celebrations Clean and Mud-Free

    The last thing you want during a celebration (especially more formal ones where everyone’s dressed up) is mud and dirt all over your shoes and splattered on your clothes. That’s almost guaranteed especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony over grassy grounds because soil becomes muddy with even the slightest amount of moisture, let alone rain.

    Rather than take the risk, you can use artificial grass for dogs and Bend landscapes to protect both your beautiful outfits and the cleanliness of your venue. Capable of draining gallons of water per minute, it’s a sure-fire way to keep the focus on your celebration instead of guests trying not to ruin their best shoes.

  • 2. It Looks Spectacular Anytime of the Year

    Getting awesome photos of the event and the guests are one of the best parts of any celebration. Unfortunately, natural lawns don’t look good all the time. For instance, the grass often looks dry and dead during the hottest summers. No one wants bare and yellow patches of ground in their photos.

    In contrast, artificial grass looks spectacular every single day of the year and its lush and vibrant green tones won’t fade no matter what. You can celebrate any occasion during any day on the calendar and every minute will look flawless both in person and in photographs.

  • 3. It Can Handle Any Activity

    Turf can handle whatever you want to do during your backyard events. Want to play games with your friends and family during a birthday? Planning to have a live band and dance performance for entertainment? Want to have an intimate wedding or an extravagant one with lots of guests? Go ahead and add it to your schedule.

    Artificial grass is tough and durable. High amounts of foot traffic and activity won’t damage the fibers. Trampled turf? Restoring its lushness is as easy as brushing it up. No need to hold back when you’re having your wedding on artificial grass!

  • 4. It’s Safe and Accessible

    Welcome guests of all ages and abilities to your synthetic lawn! Unlike real grass which has many hidden allergens, toxins, debris and trip hazards, synthetic turf is safer and more accessible.

    For instance, the shock absorbent layer of a synthetic grass installation in Bend will cushion the impact should any accident happen. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic fibers make the grounds safe for everyone. The even and smooth surface means greater accessibility for all mobility levels, especially those with wheelchairs.

Celebrate Life’s Occasions with Artificial Grass

It’s easy to create new memories and bond with loved ones when you don’t have to worry about ruining your yard. Let’s talk about your dream backyard— call Bend Artificial Grass today at 541-204-0434, or shoot us a quick message and tell us about the project you have in mind!