6 Things to Do Before Synthetic Grass Installation in Bend

How to Prepare Your Yard for Synthetic Grass Installation-bend

You did it – you booked an artificial grass installation for your Bend, OR yard. Now the exciting part comes when the crew shows up to lay down your lush, low-maintenance lawn.

But before the installers get there, you need to prepare. Completing these steps ensures your artificial turf installation goes smoothly from start to finish:

1. Clear the Installation Area

Remove everything movable from the installation area, including:

  • Furniture like tables, chairs, or chaise lounges
  • Decorations like birdbaths, sculptures, or potted plants
  • Toys like bikes, swing sets, soccer goals

The installers need full access to the space. Clearing it in advance prevents your items from getting damaged.

If you have pets, keep them away from the area during the install. Consider boarding them for the day.

2. Cut Your Existing Grass Very Short

Give your current lawn one last mow. Cut it as short as possible, down to about 1/2 inch high. This helps the installers remove the turf easily and properly prepare the base. Long, thick grass impedes their work. If your yard contains weeds, use a weed killer spray a week before installation. This prevents weeds from creeping into the artificial turf backing later.

3. Mark Underground Elements

Make sure all utility lines, wires, pipes, and sprinkler systems get marked. This protects any underground systems from accidental damage during the install. Plus, it shows the crew where to be extra careful. While you’re at it, mark other elements you want to keep like landscaping lights.

4. Notify Neighbors Ahead of Time

Give neighbors a heads up about the upcoming install. The work can cause some noise and high activity levels in your yard. Letting them know in advance prevents any surprises or complaints. Provide the installation date and time frame if you already have it.

5. Gather Necessary Permits and HOA Approval

Most areas require permits for artificial grass installation over a certain square footage. Research what’s needed based on the size of your yard and get the proper permits ahead of time.

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, also make sure your HOA approves the artificial turf. Gather any official letters or documents stating you can move forward. Furthermore, having these ready for the installation crew prevents any issues down the road.

6. Ensure Easy Access to the Yard

Make sure the installers can easily access your entire yard with their equipment and materials.

That means:

  • Unlocking any gates
  • Removing physical barriers like security stakes or landscape edging
  • Pruning overgrown trees/shrubs so they don’t obstruct the area
  • Making sure equipment can fit through access points between front and backyards

You don’t want the installers to show up unable to reach certain areas. Additionally, verify easy access ahead of time for maximum efficiency.

What to Expect on Installation Day

Once you’ve completed your pre-installation checklist, get ready for an exciting installation day. Here’s how it normally goes:

  • The crew shows up with all necessary artificial turf materials, tools, and equipment. This includes the synthetic grass, base materials, seaming tapes, etc.
  • They lay out the turf and mark where seams will go. The installers plan the turf direction and pattern.
  • Your old lawn gets removed entirely. This includes clearing away grass, roots, and stones, and grading the soil.
  • Crew members prep the base with crushed rocks, then compact it down.
  • The underlayment gets rolled out and secured. This cushions the artificial turf backing.
  • Sections of turf get laid in place row-by-row and secured with nails/screws around the edges.
  • Seams get tightly bonded with specialty tape. You shouldn’t see any seams once the install is done.
  • The installers add infill material and brush the fibers upright. This helps the artificial grass stand up and look natural.
  • They trim any excess turf around the edges for a clean, seamless look.
  • Finally, they’ll clean the installation site and answer any questions you have about your installation.

Done – give your new turf time to settle and enjoy!

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