5 Types of Savings Offered by Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon

The benefits of artificial turf in Bend, Oregon don’t stop with its beautiful, hassle-free nature. Switch to artificial turf and you’ll soon start noticing the many ways it improves your daily life, especially when it comes to your budget.

5 Savings You Get with Artificial Grass

5 Savings You Get with Artificial Grass

Although installing artificial grass does require an upfront investment, it actually pays for itself over time, thanks to the considerable savings it offers. Check out five reasons why synthetic grass installation in Bend is better for your budget:

  1. Save on water bills.

    The average 500+-square- feet natural lawn needs 330 gallons of water per week and even more during the summer. Without this much water, it will turn into a dry, scorched eyesore.

    Since artificial grass doesn’t need watering aside from the occasional rinse, it reduces your water bill significantly. Have a vibrant green lawn no matter the season without spending a fortune on water alone.

  2. Save on professional lawn care.

    If you’ve hired a professional gardener to maintain your yard before, you already know how expensive it can be. Calculate that cost over 10 years (the minimum lifespan of artificial grass) and you’ll determine just how much you can save when you subtract expert gardening costs from your budget.

    Artificial grass in Bend, Oregon will always stay at the ideal height. Therefore, you don’t need to hire lawn maintenance services if you lack the tools or experience for the job or are simply too busy to take care of your yard.

  3. Save on yard maintenance equipment and chemicals.

    The costs of yard upkeep equipment and materials add up over time. You need to buy weedicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and grass seeds to keep natural grass thriving. You also have to buy petrol for your lawnmower, not to mention the extra expense when it breaks down and you need to purchase a new one.

    Synthetic grass needs none of these things to stay green and lush. You only need a stiff brush to fluff it up from time to time. Therefore, forget about paying for costly lawn care materials and equipment as long as you have artificial grass.

  4. Save time.

    The savings you accumulate with artificial grass are not limited to the financial aspect of lawn upkeep. They extend to time and effort as well. Instead of wasting your weekends mowing, cutting, reseeding and edging your lawn, you can make the most of your free time instead. Use all that extra time to bond with your friends and family in your beautiful outdoor space!

  5. Save money over the years.

    Artificial turf in Bend, Oregon can last up to 15 years or more, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. That means many years’ worth of enjoying your investment without having to shell out more money just to keep your lawn in top shape.

Artificial Turf: The Better Choice for Bend Homes

With synthetic turf, you get all the best parts of a grassy lawn with none of the hassle. It looks fantastic, takes little effort to maintain and offers savings that natural grass simply can’t match. Call Bend Artificial Grass today at 408-317-0931 for a FREE consultation and quote!