10 Special Features of Synthetic Grass Installation Bend

synthetic grass installation

Many people know artificial grass as an attractive and low-maintenance version of the real thing. However, the benefits of synthetic grass installation in Bend go beyond that. It’s a sensible choice for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, especially because of the following:

1) It’s Good For The Environment

When you have an artificial grass installation, synthetic turf goes to work protecting the earth from pollutants (such as pesticides) and conserving water while reducing erosion and runoff. This can be particularly beneficial in arid regions where water is scarce. In Bend, this means green and lush artificial grass that can stay vibrant throughout the year.

2) It’s UV-Resistant

UV rays from the sun can fade and damage many materials, including natural grass in Bend. However, synthetic grass is specially designed to resist degradation caused by harsh UV radiation. This enables you to keep your artificial lawn looking vibrant and healthy even in direct sunlight.

3) It Doesn’t Require Chemicals – At All

That’s because synthetic turf, whether that’s landscaping, dog turf or artificial grass putting greens in Bend, gets rid of most issues that plague natural lawns. That includes pests and bugs, weeds, mud and dirt and more.

4) It’s Hypoallergenic

For those with allergies, a synthetic grass installation is a godsend. Grass is a common allergy trigger, due to the pollen and other allergens it releases. When you have artificial grass in Bend, you don’t have to worry about pollen because there’s no living grass involved. There are no mold spores, dust and other allergens either.

5) It’s Almost 100% Weed-Free

Sure, a stubborn weed or two can still grow through a synthetic turf installation, but they’re far fewer and farther between compared to a natural lawn. Better yet, they won’t be able to take root properly because there’s no dirt, making them easy to pull out.

6) It’s Non-Slip

This is a critical difference between real grass and artificial turf: the former can be quite slippery when wet. The latter, however, is textured to provide excellent traction. So you get the best of both worlds – a safe lawn that looks great all year long.

7) It’s Perfect For All Seasons

In Bend, you get four seasons that bring a variety of challenges. In summer, for instance, natural grass begins to fade as the sun beats down relentlessly. In winter, it dies from the cold or accumulates snow that’s difficult to remove. With a synthetic turf installation, you get a lawn that remains green and lush throughout all four seasons – no matter how harsh they may be.

8) It Can Last for Up to 10 Years or More

Artificial turf in Bend Oregon is incredibly long-lasting. In fact, most synthetic turf installations can last anywhere from 8 to 10 full years or more (even as long as 20 years!), while still looking great and with minimal maintenance. Talk about value!

9) It’s Fire Resistant

Natural grass often burns quickly when exposed to flame. However, artificial turf doesn’t burn because it doesn’t contain any organic material. This creates an extra layer of protection in the case of wildfires or other potential disasters.

10) It’s Kid-Friendly

Outdoor play is important for children’s physical and cognitive development, but it presents many risks. With synthetic grass installation in Bend, however, you don’t have to worry about your kids injuring themselves when they fall or get cut by sharp objects. Plus, since the grass is soft and safe, you can let your children play outside without having to worry.

With all of these benefits and more on offer, it’s no wonder that artificial turf has become such a popular choice throughout Bend. It ensures a gorgeous lawn that looks great and is safe for use at any time of day or year. For more information, contact Bend Artificial Grass today at 541-204-0434 or through a quick message!